One cheese fountain with six sides, or six individual cheese fountains?

Of all the things that were decided over biscuits, the most important change in plans came when we scrapped the idea of making one huge fountain with six sides in favor of six individual fountains daisy-chained together. The beauty of this is not only that it will be much easier to transport to the reception, but it will also allow us the ability to use the fountain in a circle of three, four, five or six, and eve gives us the option of setting them up in a row along a wall. Cool huh?

The design it very simple now, but it will require more wood. Oh yeah, I failed to mention that this puppy will be made mostly from wood. The illustration here is of one section of the fountain. There will be three levels of drop; The cheese will drop from the pump onto an inclined sheet metal "shelf", where it will cascade to a lower sheet metal shelf, followed by a final drop into an aluminum "retention pond of cheesy goodness". The six segments will be tied together with a top, which will support the motor. Yep, that's the plan anyway.

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