So how do you pump six different cheeses?

Pistons were ruled-out because of their complexity and cost, and we weren't about to purchase six submersible pumps for what would likely be a one time use. As is my habit my next stop was a search of the patents in the US Patent Office. It was there that I discovered the patent shown at right.

I think this is going to work perfect for our needs. You'll notice that it has a auger, or as some of us know it an Archimedes Screw. As it turns out this is the method used by the vast majority of the chocolate fountains in use today, and it's for a good reason. They work.

Below is an illustration of a textbook example of an Archimedes Screw, which benefits from being inclined. Our design requites a vertical pump like the one shown in the patent, but we believe that we'll have an advantage over Archimedes because we are: 1. Powering our pump with a motor, and: B. We are not pumping water. Cheese should not be as inclined to flow down the auger as water so we believe that this design is the way we are going to go. Now, where do we get six augers?

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