It all started with the pump

We knew we wanted to pump six cheeses so immediately I remembered a roller pump that captured my imagination while watching someone who was going through dialysis. These pumps are made to move blood from the body, through a filter (Sorry all you MIT guys for over-simplifying this) then back to the donor. What you don't want is for the blood to have to pass through more parts than is necessary and likewise there shouldn't be too many joints in the system, so this type of pump made a lot of sense at first.

After a trip to Home Depot and Lowe's and dealing with the odd looks from employees as I attempted to explain what we were trying to accomplish, I determined that unless we have a substantial drop from the lower cheese reservoir, the tubing we were finding would collapse after being squeezed by the roller and would never refill with cheese. The problem is the hot cheese will cause the tubes to soften and loose all elasticity.

By the way, after we abandoned this pump we found a video of just such a pump being used on a Gravy Fountain! (A gravy fountain! Awesome!)

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Unknown said...

I love that you are actually going through with making this a reality. Yeah six cheeses!! I want one at my wedding. Are you the only person who makes these or are there a lot of them on and such? If not, you should totally become the go-to six-cheese-fountain expert! I bet I'm not the only one.