My bride says this blog is taking too long

It's been a week since the wedding and my bride says it's taking me too long to get the cheese fountain pictures posted. I told her the point of this blog is to show how we made the fountain, but I suppose she's right. Perhaps you'd like to see a few pictures of the final outcome to know if it's worth you while to hang around. So here it is. The first picture was taken the night before the wedding as we were getting everything in place. What you can see from this vantage point is all we've discussed thus far: The pumps, the frames and the drive belts.

The second picture shows my son Seth flipping the switch.
The blond gentleman in the background is "Waffle", our friend and Seth's new Bro-in-law.

Those of you in the know will recognize the on/off variable speed switch from a Shopsmith Scroll Saw. That's right, we didn't skimp on our cheese fountain like some other cheese fountain builders.

The last picture shows "Beanie", my nephew, along with his bride as they load-up on cheese. This looks like it was taken about 5 minuets into the awesomeness, and around the time the motor overheated and shut-down!

Sure, you could criticize the fact that we only had 5 minutes of awesomeness, but we must then ask; "How much awesomeness have you created?"
Yeah, that's what I thought.

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