What else can we do to keep the cheese flowing? Ask Cal Markwood

As I mentioned, the cheese will begin coagulating from the moment it enters the pump and heads to the "drop zone". One suggestion that my dad had was to preheat the entire fountain.

My dad (Cal Markwood) is a real-life Engineer. So much so that he doesn't even know that a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit is already a sandwich; and that the last thing you want to say at Mayberry Days in Mt Airy, NC while standing directly in front of Floyd's Barber Shop is "Who's Floyd?"

I sure do love my dad!

In the second picture you see the Six Cheese Nacho Cheese Fountain wrapped in plastic, and what you don't see is the small 1200wt ceramic heater. When the time came to put the hot cheese and bricks in place the entire unit was around 100 degrees. Not bad when the room temp was 70ish. Dad's idea probably doubled the run time of the fountain.

Markwoods. We're not just smart about multihulls.

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